You Have More Than Enough

You Have More Than Enough

Sometimes we feel like we don’t or will never have enough. Enough time, enough energy, enough of anything that you think you need. We get so frustrated and blame it on ourselves or sometimes others.

The enemy tried to tell you that you don’t have enough, you don’t have what it takes, you don’t have the skill, the looks, the talent… but it’s all a lie. He started this cycle of inadequacy from the beginning with Adam and Eve and he has been trying to trick us with the same stupid lie ever since.

What kind of God do we have as a father? What kind of father do you think you have with God? One that gives you barely enough or not enough to live life and you have to find out on your own. Or do you actually believe the truth that he has given you everything you need (2 Peter 1:3).

It’s time to realign our thoughts to what we know is true and to believe and act like it is true.

Just like a seed has everything it needs to be the tree it was created to be, when God created you, he made you with everything YOU need.

Yes, we sometimes fall short but when Jesus Christ died on the cross he switched himself with you.

All of the mistakes, the sin, the lack was put on him and you got to receive him. ALL OF HIM. That means you have HIS authority, HIS power, everything!

We no longer have an excuse to listen to the lies of not having enough.
We no longer have the past issues connected to us.
We no longer have the weight on us because Jesus took it off of us and put it on himself.

Whatever dream God has put in you, whatever you know you were made to do, God has poured out with abundance all the blessings, talents, resources that you need to do ALL of it. Not some of it but ALL you were created to do.

Ask God in what area of life have you been holding back in because you believe you don’t have enough then ask him what he has given you to overcome and conquer.

You have what it takes!

Let Blessings Flow

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