You Have Impact

You Have Impact

What you do matters!

Each step you take, each word you speak, you are changing lives.

Don’t fall into the lies of the enemies that say no one cares what you, no one even notices. Each person you talk with, each one you touch leaves a lasting imprint, one that can never be taken away.

You are important, valuable, and irreplaceable! The lies spoken around you are only because satan knows the impact you can bring. The life changing touch you can bring to so many lives.

Remember who you are. You have the royal blood flowing through your veins! Your smile can melt away decades of fear. Your touch can break off chains of additions and strongholds. Your voice can speak someone’s God given destiny into existence.

One smile

One touch

One word

Who told you that you were insignificant? Who told you that you are not important?

Let me speak life into you:

You have been amazing since the time you were born! You are fearfully and wonderfully made with such an amazing purpose that only you can fulfill! The God of all the universe sees you and says:

This is my child in whom I’m well pleased!

You never had to work for God’s smile over your life and you will never have to. Everything you do is amazing and you have the power, the influence to touch more than you could ever imagine.

So ask Papa God… What have you put in me that is so special?

I promise you he can go on for days!

There’s Only One Like You

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