When was the last time you wondered?

Not like wonder what to eat for dinner, but really wonder.

That place you felt your soul go, but your mind did not keep up. What does God smell like? Would it be similar to anything I’ve ever smelled before?

Today, I invite you to wonder. It is a beautiful place for your heart to be when you really let yourself wonder in the presence of God. If you feel pain and anxiety when you wonder, then maybe that’s not wonder. It is the place your heart can go where there are no limitations, no boundaries, no fear. Like nothing can stop you. Sound familiar? Sounds like the presence of God to me.

Every time I am filled with wonder, it invites the presence of God. Now what would happen if we stayed in that place of wonder. What if we kept our souls wondering what God was up to? What if we asked questions knowing the answer would only open the door to more questions? That it’s okay to not understand everything. The mundane would never be the same.

Above the Clouds

So let’s let ourselves lift above the clouds, out of the tiny box of what we know, and into the open air of the unknown. Let’s wonder about miracles without slipping in despair when our tiny box has no room for it. Breathe in the fresh air of wonder way above the clouds. Let your soul go exploring and soon, wonder will become your reality.

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