What is the Perfect Gift?

What is the Perfect Gift?

What will make someone smile, make someone know you care, or make them feel like the most important person in the world?

It’s not getting them what they had on top of their list.

It’s not the most expensive item you can buy for them, but it is the most expensive thing you can give…


The gift of “you” is one of the most important and most expensive things. The point that you are there, you remembered and just spend time with them.

Most people don’t always remember the items they got or who they got them from, they fade away. But they do remember is the time you spend with them; the little things make all the difference. They will remember the small moments that you went over to their house and had coffee or tea, the time you called them just to say hi and ask how they are.

This is exactly what God did for us, for Christmas he gave us himself, he gave us Jesus.

He wanted us to know how much he cares, how important, and how special we are to him. He said “I will send myself to them to show them that they are so special that they can have intimate time with me!”

He gave of himself. That’s the most expensive thing he could have given us. We get the chance to give others the same gift, giving of ourselves. But in some cases, we can even do more. We get to help others unwrap the present that God gave to them.

But the great part is that God didn’t just give of himself for one day, he gives himself to us every day and says “I’m here, I want to spend time with you”.

Let’s remember and open the God’s gift of relationship every day.

When you feel alone, open the gift.

When you feel tired, open the gift.

Let us not forget the greatest gift we can open and give today and every day.

Your Special Present

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