What Do You Focus On

What Do You Focus On

What do you focus on?

The question is one that will change how you live.

What do you CHOOSE to focus on? Are you upset because of a situation or are you thinking of what good things that will come? Are you constantly thinking of the ways things don’t turn out how you expected or do you ask God for creative solutions to things that come your way?

It’s so important to remember that the life we are living is not one from earth to heaven, rather from heaven to earth. John 16:33 says that in this life we will have trouble, but that does not give us permission to be downtrodden.


We have the solution provider in us and has given us everything we need to be able to look past the problem, and the obstacle and say “No! This will not stop my joy that I choose to have”.

It’s not always easy but it is our choice. It’s our joy to choose joy instead of depression, thinking the best and not the worst, being heaven minded rather than thinking what is only ‘possible’. Now is not the time to get distracted but focus on who you are and whose you are.

You were created with all the solutions to all problems. It might be time to change your perspective. To get a new point of view. Start looking at your situation from God’s perspective without the filters that the world puts on reality. It’s time to look from above… it is much clearer from up there.

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