Walk with Me

Walk with Me

My child, how I love to be with you every second of the day. To walk with you, to look into your eyes, to hold your hand, to see you grow.

What wouldn’t I do, what haven’t I done to be with you each and every second. To be able to sing sweet songs over you. To dance over you out of the overflow of love I have for you.

You are my precious one, my Favorite!

Everything you do is precious to me. I watch you everyday with a gleaming smile as I see you grow up each day. The mistakes you make, they are no more. The love I have for you blinds me to them, and each time you come running everything falls away.

I want you to walk with me through this day. When you listen, I will tell you amazing secrets. When you look, I will show you my wonders. When you touch what’s around you, you will feel my overwhelming love. When you speak, I always listen because there is nothing more important to me than you!

How I love our walks together. How I love showing you the fields that I made for you to run in. The flowers that bloom just to make you smile. Each sunrise, each sunset was painted with you in mind as I thought ‘They would love this’! I love getting to see you explore the world that I created for you, and helping you make your own.

 What I love most is not that I hold your hand, but that you hold mine.

Walking with God

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