Walk in God’s Promises for You

Walk in God’s Promises for You

Walk in God’s plan for you! 

Recently I was asked how I got to the position I am in at my job and I replied one word… God. Although the story is much longer and complicated God supernaturally provided favor to create a position just for me. This is our God! Our God creates amazing things just for us! He puts dreams in our hearts and loves to watch us step into those dreams! And even more amazing, God’s plans for us are bigger than how we envision our dreams! God knows where you are and He has the plans to get you to your amazing destiny. It isn’t too late, you haven’t messed up too much and it IS possible! You are not disqualified by your doubts! 

I remember just a few years before being in tears over what I was going to do for a career…My plans seemed perfect to me, but nothing was working out. God had a much better plan for me. I couldn’t understand it or see it then but looking back today it is a testimony I remind myself and stand on. God’s ways are not our ways and what a beautiful thing that is to learn. Is there a plan you have that seems to be falling apart? I invite you to trust God and step out in the adventure he has in store for you. It is bigger and better than you can imagine! God is bigger and better than you can imagine!

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