Wake Up Heart

Wake Up Heart

Down in the depths my hearts asleep. Lying dormant ready for the day that I might awake. I’m at the bottom of the ocean with the tons of weight about me so I can’t get to the surface. Trust me I’ve tried.

But wait. I feel my heart starting to feel something. It’s like a sensation that I have felt once or twice before. It’s like being drawn to magnet, the other times I’ve felt it I did nothing and ignored it but this time it’s different. I look into the direction in which I feeling drawn and I see this figure coming my way. No one has come this far down into this ocean of loneliness. Then I see him coming with something in his hand. He comes up to my heart and brushed away the dark debris on long forgotten dreams. OW. He plunged what he had in his hand into my heart. What was that? A Key.

Now my heart begins to beat again. Now the dry and crusted lies that surrounded my heart are now being burned away as my heart begins to warm. As the light in my heart gets brighter he takes out the key, then I finally see his face. At first I don’t recognize him but then he begins looks familiar.

Then all at once my heart recognizes him. He was the one from the beginning. He was the one that formed my heart! He was the one who formed my key whole into me. Now the dark debris of forgotten dreams are now turning light and begin floating upward. They are coming alive just as I have.

Now the deep-sea diver picks up my once lonely heart, holds me close and brings me to the surface. To a world I thought I would never know. Now I can call this world my home!

“And while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”

What you are going through, wherever you are at, there is no distance our great deep-sea diver will not go. He already went to the darkest depth to rescue your heart. His love can never be stopped.

When you feel your heart has stopped, just call for the locksmith to come and unlock your heart.

Wake Up Heart

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