Victory Road

Victory Road

It’s been a long road and a long time coming. I’ve gone through so much and walked many roads. Some seem to never end as they twist and turn. Some roads have been nice, I have to say, with beautiful views and easy walking paths.

But this one has been hard. The road is rocky. The path is covered with vines, making this path hard to see. How many times have I thought “Am I doing the right thing?”

But deep down inside I know that I know, you have called me to this road. Called me to walk out into this jungle. To make a way where there seems to be no way.

Because you have called me, I know I’m never alone! So I never have to fear because you are always with me. In the dark valleys I know that nothing will harm me. Nothing can scare me!

As I walk up this mountain that seems so high. Step by step I’m getting higher. It’s not easy but I know it’s worthwhile to build my strength, and to see the view.

Now I finally hit the top of this mountain and I get to see, the long road that it’s been for me. But wow… it’s been worth it to be able to do what I do now. To feel free and strengthen in this like I feel now. And be able to see what I see now.

From this view I see this truth:
That You are victory! And that You live inside me.
I have victory living in me!
I now know I walk each road knowing I will be victorious!
Each step I take your victory bursts out of me.
I can never fail because I am one with you!

Now at the end I can finally see,
I always have the victory.


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