Shhhh… Don’t let it out. You can’t let them know…

The secrets in my head have fallen down to my heart. It’s like liquid poison that is slowly consuming my every thought, every action, every word. I feel trapped by the thoughts of the past as they replay in my mind over and over. Yet, ever so faintly I hear something inside say, “You need to tell someone.”

My mind says, “NO! If you do, no one will like you. Everyone will desert you!” My mind usually wins.

But not today.

I’m tired of feeling weighed down. I’m done feeling like I can’t live life because of my past. I am DONE with thinking that I’m less than, not good enough, an awful person.

My spirit reminds me of the times that He has brought me through. I am reminded of the times when He was there.

I WILL let my story out because I know it’s one of redemption. Although my story might not start well, I know it sure will end well. I will tell of my trials, my tests, and my failures because only through those tests do I have my testimony.

I will tell others of my journey because I know that my God has paid for all my stumbles and all my falls.

I will unlock and open my mouth knowing that opening a door to a prison is the only way to get free.


That joyful word rings in my head as I go on this journey.

Freedom. – It’s the only word that is keeping me going.


I will tell of His goodness that is working in me so I can be… FREE.


Don’t let the words of guilt and shame hang over you. You have a purpose, a destiny, and amazing life that needs to be seen! Come out from under shame. Don’t believe the lies that you have nothing to give… You have more than something to give. You have talents, your personality, your STORY! Your story is so powerful that it helps others through their journey. Don’t be afraid … share your story!

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