Time to soar

Time to soar

Whether if it feels like a mountain in front of you, or trees in the way… you are made to soar over it.

The difficulties that come in our way are not there to make us stop. They were put there by our enemy to make us stop but they aren’t big enough, or strong enough to make us stop dead in our tracts.

At times I catch myself seeing a wall of trees or what feels to be a mountain of problems and becoming discouraged, and at times hopeless. But this is only because we take our eyes off our God and we forget who we are.

Remember who our God is. Our God is the one who can dry up the oceans or make rivers run through the desert. The one who can flatten mountains or part a sea.

And who are we? We are children of the most high God who with a small bit of faith can through a mountain into the sea, who can run races and don’t grow weary. This is the authority in us not just because we are great (which we are) but our father loves doing things with us and for us. Just as a father or mother will do anything for their child, so he does with us.

There are times that God wants to walk through the valley with us but today he is reminding that you have the ability to rise higher, get a different perspective, it’s time to see the more He has for you.

So when those obstacles come in your way don’t get discouraged, GET EXCITED because you have the strength to go through it or the ability to go above it!


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