Your breakthrough has arrived.

 It is your time to shine! The chains that once held onto you are now gone, broken, never to be seen again!

The reminder is that although your chains are broken, are you acting like they are. Have you put them back on yourself? If you have, they are still broken, all you have to do is shake them off.

They are not yours, they don’t have your name on them. They are empty, lifeless pieces of metal that are there only to be the joyful reminder that you are free. Free to dance, to sing, to be completely who you are created to be!

You don’t have to hide behind acting like someone else, trying to be someone you aren’t. The lies that you have believed are broken, and you are being reminded of the truth.

  • You are fully loved
  • You are chosen
  • You have everything you need
  • God will never leave you
  • You are more than a conqueror
  • You are placed right where you are for a specific purpose
  • God’s love casts out all fear
  • There is nothing you can do that can separate you from God’s love
  • Each day is jammed packed with beautiful purpose!
  • You are God’s child and can never be taken from his hand.

Speak out the truths each day to remind you the strength you have. Getting up and reminding yourself will not only align you with the truth but it will also start displacing the darkness around you. You will be the son, the daughter that gets out of bed and the devil runs because he knows that you are burdened with glorious purpose.

Breakthrough Explosion

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