The Process of Growth

The Process of Growth

The growth from seed to flower does not happen in an instant, but in a process. This process is so intricate and beautiful, but a lot of the process is hidden from our site.

The seed is planted underground where the seed’s only job is to take in nourishment from its surroundings. Eventually the seed cracks open and roots start taking form. These roots are so important, they keep it grounded as it gets bigger and will have to face storms. When it is time the little seedling peeks its first little growth out from the soil. It doesn’t have a flower or fruit to show yet, but still so much growing has occurred. Its roots keep getting deeper and its little stalk thickens.

Leaves begin to unfold and those around it take notice to what it is growing into. They start calling it a rose even though it has not yet budded. In time after its roots are deep, it has taken in the nourishment needed and gone through the process, the plant blooms. People admire the beauty that has come from that tiny seed. Insects come to get resources from this flower. The process doesn’t stop here though. There is pruning, different seasons, and storms to come.

The amazing process from seed to flower is much like our own life. God provides us everything we need to grow. The times where we may not see growth are essential to the process. We need our roots deep first before we can sprout up and withstand our environments. After we bloom we may need to be pruned for our next season. In the winter months we may not look the same as in the other months, but all of the process is essential and part of God’s beautiful creation.

Are you feeling like you are stuck? Maybe you are underground gaining what you need to grow deep roots in God’s word! Are you feeling like people are calling you something you yourself have yet to see? Maybe that is what God has for you! Are you feeling like you are being pruned back? Maybe God is preparing you for even more growth! Be excited in your process!! Every step is essential and every step is beautiful!

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