The Power of a Voice

The Power of a Voice

Words are powerful. Each word said creates. Whether good or bad it releases either the productive, great things we say, or the destructive, meaningless things said.

Simple words can make a difference.

When your day is going badly, or even when the doctor gives a bad report. There are a couple words that can change everything. ‘I Choose’. I choose to believe that today is a great day. I choose to believe I am blessed, loved and favored. I choose not to believe what I see I choose to believe ALL that God says about me.

So, what does God say about you? His words created the universe. His song over you holds the atoms in your body in a certain vibration so that they won’t fall apart. His words trump EVERY OTHER WORD that is spoken.

God says you’re amazing, healthy, loved, forgiven, wealthy, purposed, worthy, desired, perfect, beautiful, handsome, wonderful, lovely, never forgotten, the apple of his eye, his most prized possession, and his child.

What He says can never be torn down. Every negative voice can be turned and silenced. His voice breaks down walls. His voice throws out every disease or illness. His voice kicks down the doors of the enemy’s camp and takes you out and puts you back into the palace where you first came from.

Our words have that same power because we have Holy Spirit living in us. In the power of our words we have more than enough power to declare sickness to cease, to set people free, and release them into freedom just as you have been. Your words have the power to comfort those at the exact time needed. Your words bring life to a sad, depressed and weary soul.

Father God’s words became action and brought you from a dungeon to a castle. Now it’s your turn to do the same.

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