The Mending

The Mending

The process for being put back together is not always an easy one. But it is necessary. It seems as though that it takes so much more time to put yourself back together than it is to fall apart. What is good for us is that we have the master fixer. Our God is not just a fixer but he is one who makes things perfect and will never again be broken.

With stained glass each piece is so unique and none are quite the same. Then the glass worker comes in to see all the pieces. His eyes go to and fro looking throughout the pieces to see which will fit perfect in this specific masterpiece. Some pieces he might take away, others he might file so the rough edges no longer show. Then he uses his strong yet pliable metal to line each perfect piece and make it sturdy. To perfectly connect each piece together as one.

When it is finished it is adored by many, and hung in the perfect place where the most people can see it as the light shines through it to color the room around. Now why is broken glass put on display, why does it drive such awe into our souls when we see the light break through in an otherwise dark room. Why? Because it brings hope. Those who see it don’t see broken glass, they don’t see brokenness, all that is seen is wholeness. Perfection. Only the glass and the glass worker know from which all these pieces came from and the journey it took for it to get to the masterpiece that now is displayed for all to see. If you asked the glass was it worth it to be broken only to be put back together- it would say ‘Absolutely. It is ALL worth it’.









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