Take the Leap

Take the Leap

What stops so many of us from taking the leap of faith into what God is calling us to? The fear
of falling…. failure. Failure can easily seem like the enemy; however, God has been revealing to
me that failure is not the enemy but actually one of the best teachers.

So many times, in life we avoid trying something new and stepping out into the unknown
because of fear of failing, but God tells us in Hebrews 11 that faith is assurance about what we
do not see.
– Still I know I have found myself asking, “but, what if I fail?” – God has given us examples of
just that in the Bible. There are many beautiful examples of “failures” from our fathers of faith.
We can look at Abraham, David, Peter, Paul and so many others and see that they didn’t always
get it right, but we can also see how God always redeemed those failures. We can see how they
learned from their failures, and turned them into amazing testimonies. David even turned his
failures into worship in Psalms. Failure is not the end.

What has fear of failure kept you from doing? God is inviting you today to take the leap of faith!
He is not calling you to be perfect, but to be teachable. God is celebrating each step you take
and even your failures. Let God use your successes and your failures to build the kingdom! So,
own your failures! Redefine your definition of failure. The only way we can truly fail is when we
give up. What looks unsure and scary may just be what launches you into your destiny. Say no
to fear of failure and yes to opportunities to grow!

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