Step by Step

Step by Step

Our life is a journey learning to trust. It starts on the ground learning to walk in our Fathers footsteps, learning to listen to his voice. But then, when we are ready he will take us to a lake.

Each rock is a step of faith. Will you trust that he is continuing to lead you?

He had placed each rock only as far as he knows you can make it. He doesn’t place it too far where he thinks you won’t make it. They are perfectly positioned for your promotion. He won’t take you so far and then leave you without a place to stand.

He always finishes what he has begun. He created you and gave you an amazing purpose. He will not leave you alone. He will finish what he started in you! If you slip don’t worry he is there to catch you and put you back right where you fell. He knows it’s a process.

He knows it can be hard for us to trust. It takes a while to learn to walk. But our God is not intimidated or gets frustrated by the length of our journey, or the time it takes. He is ecstatic with each step we take. Each baby step or giant leap, he is proud! He is a proud father. Every day we wake up he says “There is my daughter! That is my son!”

There is no fear in this love. In the eyes of our proud father there is only love. When fear creeps in while on this journey, look into his eyes. Fear has to leave.

There might be a place in front of you the gap might seem too big. Don’t doubt. Ask God what he wants you to learn. Is it to wait for his timing? For you to learn to walk on the water? To trust God by having him carry you?

Remember he would not bring you this far to leave you alone. His is there to hold you, carry you, encourage you, strengthen you, and empower you to be able to be everything you are created to be every step of the way.

Step by Step

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