Something Inside of You

Something Inside of You

You are made for this.
Don’t get discouraged by the things going on around you that make it seem like everything is going wrong. Each push-back, each set back, each bit of opposition does not come without a reward.

When you are moving toward your destiny you are creating a new path, a new trail that has not been made before, a trek that has not been trekked before. This is your journey.

The opposition that is here because you have an amazing purpose in front of you, so when we don’t lose heart, when we don’t give in… that is our reward. You are getting closer.

But if we look at the closed doors, the long days and hard nights as just unfortunate happenings we can miss the things that we are meant to learn. Each day we have a chance to learn, to grow, and become a better reflection of Jesus. What we go through is not by happenstance, they are there to grow our perseverance; this perseverance helps to produce our character, and our character produces hope inside of us! (Romans 5:3-5)

When we go through these rough times in our lives it begins to grow seeds that were in us. Seeds that would have never grown if these obstacles would not occur. And as we take victory by victory these seedlings grow into strong trees that can handle the storms of life, can handle the weight without any sign of budging.

The bumps in the road, the smacks in the face, the punch in the gut are not always that easy to walk through. But each step forward is a victory. For each step forward there is a party in heaven.

Each day is a day of victory. Don’t go through your day defeated, you have what it takes. You are growing something amazing on the inside with each step you take! Don’t be discouraged with small beginnings. You are made for this.

The Sapling

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