Singing Over You

Singing Over You

Just imagine the beginning of time. The moment even before it was all created, just you and God, watching the next sequence of events unfold…

Out of the darkness comes a sound, words coming from the void. All of a sudden things begin to appear, stars, planets, and galaxies. Then earth comes to life with a simple word from the creators’ mouth. He then begins to create the land, sea and animals.

But then he stops. Stops and thinks.
He begins to shape something out of the dirt, he smiles as his creation comes into form. Once he sees its almost finished he opens his mouth as though to speak.

But out of his mouth doesn’t come the mighty powerful voice that was used to make the stars, not the booming voice that made the galaxies spin… No, rather a sweet song begins to come out. As he sings, his creation comes to life and starts to dance to the sweet melody that fills the air.

As his creation continues to dance, you recognize that his creation is YOU. You watch as you dance and twirl. But then you hear another voice, singing a different song but is flawless as it blends with the first.

Ask Papa God where the voice is coming from…

You. It’s coming from you! It’s your love song, your life’s song that is sung back to the master creator, to your father.

Our lives are not a mundane day to day walk that never changes. Our lives are songs that are sung that harmonize not only with those who are around us but link perfectly with the song that has been sung over us since the beginning of time. God’s song over you will never stop, never fade, and never change. It is a love song that is specific to you, it created you to be just how you are. Each vibration of his song beats with your heart and soul linking you back up with all of what Papa God says about you.


              Singing Over You

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