Secret Place

Secret Place

God has an open invitation for each one of us. An invitation to take His hand to go to a special place. He knows our troubles and see’s our tears. He knows when we feel weighed down, and the times we may feel helpless. He knows our troubles and sorrows. He knows when we struggle and there He too shows up and say’s take my hand and let’s go to our special place, to our secret garden. Follow me to the wonderful waterfalls. Come with me and there you will find joy and an everlasting love that overflows.

It’s our special place. Come with me child and allow me to wipe your tears away. Let’s play in the stream. Let’s skip through the fields. In the garden we shall walk hand in hand.

Accept my invitation of relationship, for this is how I designed you to be. Allow yourself to be free, free in me. I will take your burdens, I will take your sorrows and tears. I will share a conversation with you.

In these places I will remind you that I shall take care of you, always. The things you share with me is with me alone. Allow me to take these burdens and wash you free.

Come my child, laydown your fears, your burdens and meet me in our secret place. And suddenly what you have been carrying on the inside will be free. Because what you are carrying matters and the process of our relationship is worth it.

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