Rise Up and Live

Rise Up and Live

“Take up your mat and walk”, “breathe life into these bones so they might live!” It is the time to rise up! God has freed us and now we have the freedom to live. No more lying in waiting, it’s time for a new life.

This life requires you to trust. Not to stand by the water but to walk on it. Not to stand in front of the mountain but to move it. Not to just see the sick but to heal it. Not to just see the problem but to find the solution to it. This is the best life!

Don’t be intimidated, be encouraged. The One who can make this happen lives in you. You are His Child! This is what you are created to do. It might take some time but you have everything already. You have the authority, the faith, the will-power, you have the royalty blood flowing through your veins to do these things. The whole world is open for you to see, to go into and bring God’s light one step at a time.

God spoke to Ezekiel in chapter 37 and told him “Say to these bones: I will make breath enter you and you will come to life”. When Ezekiel did so, muscles and skin attached to the bones. Then God told him to breathe life into them. When he did they came to life. This is the God within us who makes the impossible possible.

So now it’s our turn! Take that step on the water. Move the mountain, heal the sick, find creative answers to unsolvable problems!

This is the best life!

I give you permission

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