Replace or Distract

Replace or Distract

Replace or distract Have you ever asked yourself why you are doing something? Why did you join that new  ministry? Why are you inviting the new person to your house for dinner? Why you are going to a healing conference? All are amazing things, but why do you do them?

I started asking God why I was doing certain things in my life and was shocked to find it was to distract myself from emotions and hurts. I invited God into my heart but I was preforming for Him instead of transforming in Him.  

God loves us and nothing we do can make Him love us more or less — how freeing!

He knows we will be more joyful when we are walking in all He has for us. This is why He wants us to grow and transform our hearts and minds! We have to be intentional and work to get down to the root of why we do things. Discovering them is such a beautiful part of our transformation.

Have you been performing for God? God loves you for you! Jesus died for you! Yes you!! You are His! I invite you today to drop performance and to allow God to transform your heart and mind. To replace old thought patterns with God’s amazing thoughts about you, He has more than grains of sand on the beach. I invite you to stop distracting yourself with things that make you feel valuable but instead to walk in your true value of an adored child of God! Who you are to God is never changing.

Boundary – Breaking Love

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