They help light up the night sky as the moon reflects the light of the sun.

They help us see what we look like and can help us change to who we want to be.

We see our reflection every day, multiple times a day, we might tweak a couple things, make sure nothing is in our teeth and then keep going on with our day.

Reflections are powerful things.

We are called to be a reflection of Christ, of our father, of Jesus. Does that mean we have to be perfect? No, but that is what we strive for. To love without limits, to forgive without hesitation, to always believe the best of everyone, and to walk with peace at all time.

Is this possible? Many would say it’s impossible, but one man did, Jesus. And he is the one we want to become more like. No, it’s not easy, every day it takes sacrificing a part of our pride, and a part of ‘our way’ of doing things. But think about it this way, we do it every day. Multiple times a day.

When you look into a mirror you tweak your hair, check your teeth to make sure you look like your best you. That is as easy as it gets. You don’t have to make huge changes to change your life. Sometimes it’s the little tweaks throughout the day when you ask yourself: how am I reflecting God right now?


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