Powerhouse You

Powerhouse You

You are uniquely created. Each part of you is specifically created to be a power house! From the top of your head to your beautiful toes, each part of you was made perfectly.

Let the lies that have been spoken of you wash away and let the truth of your perfection flood over you. You are made for such a time as this. You weren’t born in the wrong time period. You weren’t born in the wrong place. You are right where you need to me.

The enemy has tried to steal your identity, and your joy from you so you don’t become who you are made to be. He has set lies in your mind to make you feel insecure and inadequate.

But there is good news.

You don’t have to listen to the lies. And even if you did you have the choice now to say: No. I will no longer listen and partner with what you are telling me because they aren’t true.

Each part of you is beautiful.

So stand up tall. Because when you stand tall the enemy flees in terror.

Smile. Because when you smile, darkness flees.

Take a breath of confidence. The power and presence of God will fill your lungs.

When we learn who we are and begin to walk in who we are made to be amazing things happen. One of the pieces that was missing in the world gets filled. There is a robe that our Father made specifically that only you can wear. This robe reminds you that you are a child of the God. It also reminds you the mandate that is on your life.

This mandate in not an overpowering weight but rather a joyful reminder that we are God’s personal love touches to this earth.

When you realize your call on your life there is a fire in your eyes. There is an authority in your step. There is a presence in your stance. Everything changes.  You become THE power house!

You are the one that is focused on bringing heaven not only in your family but to your neighborhood.

You are the one who goes to work with a passion to bring creative solutions and fervor to the workplace that hasn’t been seen or heard of.

You are the friend who is eager to intent on supporting their friends for them to be the best they can be.

You are the one who goes into the streets because you long with such passion for people to know the love of God.

No matter what the fire in your eye looks like, it comes out a knowledge and belief of not only who you are but who you God is!


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