Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

How many times have you taken a picture of a beautiful sunset or scenery and said to yourself, ‘this picture doesn’t do it justice’ or ‘it doesn’t look like that, it was so much better in person’.

The other day I was pondering pictures and how they can be edited when coming out of my mouth came a truth God wanted me to ponder. ‘Editing only brings out what is already inside of the picture for it to become what it really is meant to be’.

Now a good photographer can take that same picture that didn’t do the real scenery or the real thing justice and can make it to look almost just as good as the real thing. That takes major talent.

Now it’s not that the original pictures aren’t great that they have to be taken a spruced up but rather that they hold the potential to be so much better. When you put it in the hands of that master photographer they know what to do to bring out the vibrancy of a picture to make it a masterpiece that people love to put on their walls.

God does the same with us. He sees you already in your heavenly form, perfect, just like the beautiful scenery that you take a picture of. Here on earth we are the raw picture. We are only a ’photograph’ of how great we are in our perfect form. He sees us in raw form and is not taken back by how unlike the real thing we are but rather is reminded of the beauty and the vibrancy that exists in us. Life is the editing process.

God knows who you are. All throughout the day, the weeks, the years, and decades, God is refining you. He is leading you into situations that won’t hurt you but rather will bring out the vibrancy of who you really are until one day you are that perfect picture.

He sees where you are now, He knows who you really are and knows exactly what to do to bring you to a place of becoming who you are created to be. He is the master photographer.

Let him draw the great areas of your life to light and help you diminish the places that aren’t really you. Now is the time to become the best version of you.

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