Over and Beyond

Over and Beyond

Remember that our God is a god of abundance and more than enough.

God rewards over and beyond.

Go stand in the torrential rain of love and you will find yourself filled with an overwhelming joy.
At first you might go out with your umbrella just so you can maybe get your feet wet. To test it out. But God isn’t offended by you just wanting to get your feet wet. He enjoys you taking a step into the water. He will give you what you ask for but eagerly awaits to give you so much more. He wants to show you more.

Once your feet become wet with the love, with the joy, with the blessings of God, you will not be able to stop yourself from wanting more. Slowly begin to let the umbrella down and begin to feel the drops of love flowing down your head as it clears your mind on any anxiety, and down the rest of your body washing away every fear.

But even this rain isn’t all of what he has for you. Begin to ask for more.

The more you ask, the more you seek, the more you thirst, the greater the rain will fall, the greater the downpour. The greater the outpouring!

For each step you take in this journey, God gives you more than you expect! He wants to fill you to being completely drenched and completely filled with who he is and the love he has for you.

Reign of His Love

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