New Things

New Things

The old things have past and a season of ‘new’ is here!What happened last year, or yesterday are in the past. The hurt, pain, confusion, and stress it’s over. It’s done. That season, that year is over. You are coming to a new season!

This season is one that is filled with hope, prosperity, a double portion of blessing in your life. When once there was darkness now there is a bright flower that is blooming. Its you!

It’s up to us to speak life over ourselves, to receive and speak into existence the blessings that God has for us.

Yes, this past season might have been hard but it’s time to walk in the abundance of your faithfulness. Don’t feel victorious? Well you are still here are you not? That means you haven’t given up! Now it’s time to walk into the abundance that you have.

Take this new year as an opportunity to speak life and blessings over you:
– I am blessed.
– I have an answer to every problem.
– I am perfectly made.
– I am loved at every moment in time.
– I am healthy.
– I have all of heaven behind me and for me.
– I am created to do amazing things.
– I am purposed to be here at this very moment.
– I am powerful and my words are powerful.
– I am creative and made to think differently.
– I am a child of God.

Even when you feel like you may have failed again or fell into hopelessness, remember today is a new day. This hour is a new hour. Hey and sometimes we need to hear; this minute is a new minute.

In one minute, everything can change. You get that check in the mail. You receive that promotion or bonus you wanted. Illnesses are healed in an instant.

This can happen because we are loved by a miracle working God.

God walks with us and at times carries us through the hard time to show us how far we have come. But each step is a victory. And it only takes a little bit of faith to move a mountain. We sometimes just have to ask.

Spring is Ahead

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