Make A Splash

Make A Splash

Have you ever been afraid to make a splash? Thought that who you really are is just “too much” for those around you? – Well then, do I have news for you; God created you to be EXACTLY you! Be encouraged today that everyone around you is missing out when you aren’t the FULL you.

Your splash is meant to land on those around you! God made you to have an impact on those in your presence! Go ahead, jump BIG, dream BIG, pray BIG, believe BIG!

The bigger the dive the deeper you get to go with God and the further your splash will land!

Throw away the lie today that you don’t have much to offer. God created each of His children to display a different part of Himself. You show a different side of God. If you aren’t you, those around you miss out on getting to see another beautiful side of our Creator!

So get ready and take that running start and make a splash today! Be who God created you to be! Share what God has placed on your heart! Soak all those around you in the amazing things God has placed in you! Share the image of God in you!

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