Living Love

Living Love

Wow the Love of God!

No greater love than for one who lays down his life for his friends.

Jesus left heaven.

The perfect place. A place where there is no pain, no backstabbing, just a constant flow of love and fellowship. A place where every need is met.

Would you honestly leave a place like that is like that for anything? A million bucks? Honestly, I wouldn’t.

What kind of love would bring someone to do that?

A love I could probably never understand.

But Jesus didn’t just come from his perfect place in heaven to our ‘almost perfect’ world. He came to a completely messed up world that didn’t want him. Didn’t love him. He came to a world that wouldn’t accept him but one that would kill him.

Why did he come? Why did the one who had it all give it all up? Why did the one come from a place where there is no pain come down and willing let the ones he came to love reject him and kill him? WHY?


A love so great that goes past death, goes past sin, goes past hurt, goes past the pain and goes past the rejection. This love was to have you, to have me with him. This love wasn’t even a 100% success rate.

And he knew that. He knew that when he gave the second chance for love some would say no and reject him again. But even though he knew some wouldn’t have him, he said he would do it all for one. FOR ONE PERSON.

He would have done it for just you if he had to. The pain, the curses, the hurt, death itself for you.

We constantly think that we have to be good enough for God to want to save us. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He goes through the slime pit, the dungeons of shame, he will go anywhere where you are. There is no mountain to high, no valley too deep, no heart too hard, that he won’t go.

Because HE WANTS YOU. Stop trying to measure up. He didn’t come to try to make you reach a certain level. He came for one reason. For love. So he could show his love so that you might also want to love him back.

It’s that simple but this love takes over our whole lives


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