Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

Let your light shine.

When a candle is made is it perfect. The sides are smooth, wick is untouched and the wax holds all the fragrance that it is intended to have.

But what if the candle never burned.

It would stay just how it would when it was made, round, untouched, unused.

That same candle would never light up a room, never give off the wonderful fragrance that is infused inside its very core, and never be used for what it was made for.

We are the same. We can choose to stay untouched and unused as the place where we are at needs the light and smell that we alone carry. Or we can choose to burn, to shine a light, to give off our special fragrance of who we are to those around us.

If a candle doesn’t burn, what good is it. They were not made to be put on a shelf to be looked at and untouched. They are made to bring light to the darkness.

The candle rather be burned so it can bring light than to not burn at all and never know the joy of being what it was made to be and what it might have brought to those around.

Don’t be afraid of having to be perfect. The candle after it has been used is not ‘perfect’ because the wax has dripped down, but the candle brings more joy being lit than not. Our job is not to be perfect but rather to be who we are meant to be to the best we know how.

It’s time to shine, don’t you think?


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