Joyful Surrender

Joyful Surrender

You stir up the truth inside me. 

I can’t hide from your love, I can’t resist your gentle whispers. 

You call me by name, for I am yours. 

Your love wraps around all my imperfections.

I open my heart just a crack, but that is all you need…my life is forever changed. 

You love me through my doubts. 

You celebrate every tiny step of victory. 

I am learning to trust and learning to love.

I need your presence, I can never get enough. 

You are bigger than I could ever imagine, you are better than I could have ever hoped for.

I fall to my knees with a smile on my face. 

This journey is a joyful surrender.

I love your presence. I love to seek your face.

As I draw near to you, you embrace me. I feel your peace.

I surrender it all to the one who created me

I surrender it all to the one who died for me

I surrender it all to the one who never fails me

I surrender it all joyfully, my heart is fully open. 

God has created you for a joyful surrender, a new adventure, one like never before. 

Surrendering may sound scary, however with God it is a joyful process. A process that brings you into a deeper connection and into your purpose for the one who created it!

Every day you face opportunities where you can choose to joyfully surrender. You can choose to surrender your time, your money, your worries, your plans and joyfully make room for God to work and reveal Himself more. 

One of the most amazing parts of this adventure is the more you joyfully surrender, the more room it makes in your heart for His love and peace to fill. What a beautiful exchange!

When we choose to joyfully surrender even in the smallest areas God celebrates our choice to trust Him!

The old scary anxiousness that once came with the word ‘surrender’ falls off and the excitement and hope for how God will move next takes over.

What a privilege it is to get to fall at the creator of the universe’s feet and surrender everything to Him! 

Today I encourage you to surrender your fear, surrender your doubt, surrender your insecurities, surrender your control, surrender your sickness, surrender your hurts, surrender the old habits, surrender the negativity. He wants to take it all and to wash it all away. He wants to give you joy, peace and a deeper revelation of what it means to be His! Surrendering to God is peaceful and fun when you have built trust with Him through relationship. 

Step into the joyful surrender you were created for! 

Joyful Surrender

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