Joy is Strength

Joy is Strength

When you look at children, do you consider them strong?

Some people may say no, but they have a much stronger grasp on things that often can slip through our fingers.

Endless joy for example. Its more natural to them than us at times.

We have experienced when a child gets hurt physically or gets their feelings hurt. They are sad for a short moment, then they get up and play again.

In Nehemiah 8:10 it says the JOY of the Lord is our strength. This is why our joy gets attacked daily, trying to get us to focus on other things other than what is really important in our lives. And these things make us joyful.

We as children of God have the most amount of reasons to be happy and joyful at every time!
· You are alive
· Jesus died for you and you get to live forever
· You are a child of THE MOST WONDERFUL FATHER EVER!! Who created everything
· You get to have constant communication with the person of love, hope and joy (who is Jesus)
· You have the answer to every problem
· You have everything you need to overcome everything and anyone that comes against you

This doesn’t mean we are always called to have a perm-a-grin on our face and being ‘happy’ all the time but it’s about the heart, what our perspective is on the things that happen.

This joy separates us from the rest of the world. We are called to be the light of the world, and I would think that bringing light also means happiness not hopelessness like the rest of the world gives. When we hang out with the person of Joy (Jesus) we become more like him.

What a fun life it would be to have joy through your day. When did we learn we have to grow up and not have joy? That is depleting us from the enjoyment that God wants us to have in our day to day lives.

I challenge each of us to take each day to become more childlike. To be joyful at all times. To not let the slightest aggravation to burst ‘my’ joy bubble but rather keep blowing more bubbles until everything around us is covered in those joy bubbles.

So, when it feels like someone is bursting your bubble, simply look towards Jesus, smile, and start blowing those bubbles!

         Joy Bubbles

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