Hope is Coming

Hope is Coming

Hope is coming. Hope is here!

Though the last couple days, weeks, months, or years might have seemed hard and lacking hope, hope is knocking on your door.

Through the hard days, cling to hope. It is like faith in that hope is not always something physically seen but is always there. We are putting faith in the hope that we have that the promises that have been given to us will come to pass.

Just like flowers, we don’t see the result right away. The promise or the word spoken over you is the seed that has been planted. It does take some time for the seed to mature and turn into the beautiful flower that we could have only imagined, but that doesn’t mean that what was said will not come to pass. The roots are growing under the surface.

So, hold onto hope! The words hope has spoken, the promises that hope holds will come to pass and now is the season of sprouting!

This is the season of change, where the sunlight of blessing will shine on you. The recent deluge of rain has not swept you away but given you everything you need to be able to sprout in an exponential timing. Everything you have gone through while holding on to hope has given you the strength to hold the blessings that are coming your way.

Congratulations you have made it! Don’t look back on the past with scorn or regret but rather with eyes of gratitude.

If you ask “how can I do that, you don’t know what I went through”, you are right I don’t, but God still brought you through. Hope brought you through and now you can flourish and dance in the new field hope has prepared for you.

The best part is that hope is not just a word to try to get you through hard times, hope is a person. Hope is Jesus! He is the one we cling to, he is the one we run to and say ‘I’m not going to let go of you or what you have said until I see it come to pass’
This is the persistence we must have and it will never be in vain.

Now read through this again but replacing the word ‘hope’ with Jesus and see what else Jesus wants to tell you for your season.

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