Hope Has a Name

Hope Has a Name

Close your eyes, picture Jesus standing in front of you reaching out His hand…take hold of His hand.

When you grab hold of Jesus, you are grabbing on to hope. Hope has a name and it is Jesus.

The last couple weeks have been challenging for many, however our hope is not in our situations but in Jesus Christ.

Jesus does not cause these situations, but He turns every plan of the enemy around for His good! His light is shining bright, we just have to choose to open our eyes to the amazing things He is doing.

Choose today to trust that Jesus is in control. He is in control of our workplaces, our finances, our communities, and our families. He is pouring down His favor on you. Stay focused on Him. Stay focused on the hope you have in Him. Stay focused on His unending love for you. Look for His goodness, it is all around you. Encourage yourself in His word. They are filled with amazing promises and plans for you!

Infect the world with hope and joy!

Heaven Come To Earth

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