Hold On

Hold On

Hold on, your breakthrough is close. Keep holding on, your hope is coming.

What you have been asking and praying for is just behind a thin veil. Those long nights wondering and praying, they are heard and they are being answered.

Keep a look out because our all-knowing, loving Father answers our questions and prayers in ways we don’t expect but they are better than we could have ever planned.

When the prayers take long to be answered, hope in the Lord. When the days seem to get harder, put your hope in our God. He does not disappoint, he never leaves us high and dry, he is always there and always answers.

Don’t lose hope on the prayers you used to pray. Pick up your dreams and your past prayers because God is answering the prayers that you have forgotten, the dreams you no longer dream. He is reminding you, ‘I put that dream in you and that prayer in your heart. Don’t lose faith! Everything will come to pass because I have already spoken it. Just keep hoping in me. I will never let you fail when you lean on me.’

It’s time to revive old dreams but it’s also time to dream new ones! Ask God to give you life dreams that will shape your destiny and lead you into a new exciting season. Our dad is always speaking even when we don’t hear. He is always moving even when we don’t see. Trust in Him and he won’t disappoint. Keep believing, your breakthrough is just around the corner!

It is Here

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