Ever since the beginning of time, before you were even born, you were being held.
Not loosely either. You are held so firmly that there is nothing that can take you out of the strong, protecting arms of the father.

It doesn’t matter what has happened or what is happening to you now. Remember this simple truth: Nothing can snatch you out of the Father’s hand. Also remember that no bird falls without our Father knowing. He knows every part of who you are, what you are going through and he is there through it all.

He knows where you are at every movement. He knows your favorite things, down to the color of your eyes. He knows your voice from miles away and comes running at every cry or whisper just to be with you. From the simple wanting to just have him by your side, to the urgent cries for help, he will be there without hesitation. You are so important to him that he will never let anything happen to you (that can’t be fixed.)

Your time will come to hatch and learn to fly. The most important truth to remember is that no matter where you fly, you will always be held and apart of God’s nest. You never have to be afraid of being kicked out of the nest. His nest always has more than enough room for you. Even when you leave, you are always free to come back because you belong here. He will always be there saying “Welcome back”.


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