Guiding you Home

Guiding you Home

Through the dark nights of the soul. Through the times when its hard and exhausting, don’t give up. Don’t give up hope for our God does not only show up in the light but also in the darkness. Not only on the mountaintops but also in the valleys.

Where there seems to be no way, he is there making a way. When the darkness is blinding he is there putting the stars in the sky, the lights to show you the way back. To show you the way forward.

He doesn’t leave you alone.

You may feel like you are the only one. You may feel like no one cares or no one is there to be with you. But remember that He is always with you. He always cares. He will and always satisfies every need we ever have.

He is our comforter in hard times. He is our strength when we feel weak. He is our provider when we have little. He is our joy when we are in pain or sad. He is our protector when the enemy comes. He is our defender against the lies. He is love at all times and there to cast out any fear. He is our father who will, who went, and still will go through mountains, through the trenches, through any barrier to get to you, to come rescue you and bring you back home.

This is our God. Not some entity that is far off and leaves us alone to figure out life. Our God is personal, loving, caring, and is there always. He will show up in a moment’s notice for any one of his children. He is here for you, in the storm, in the valley, during those dark nights. He is here not only to be with you, but also to help bring you home. Whether it’s helping you in seeing what steps you need to take or caring you all the way home. …


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