God’s Love Wave!

God’s Love Wave!

Don’t be intimidated by the storms that come against you. They are sent to scare you but they have no power. They can’t harm you. You were born to silence these storms.

You have the power to speak to them and tell them to cease and be still.

The storms of fear and anxiety that come against you are only a facade that will disappear with the simple words ‘Be still’.

If the storms seem too great, look into the distance, see the wave coming on the horizon. This is not a wave of fear, it’s the mighty wave of your father’s love coming to rescue! Let his wave wash over you and bring you peace.

This wave comes to wash away all fear, all doubt and leaves a calm sea in its wake. His wave of love will wash over you and refresh your soul.

His love releases you of all anxiety and revives the real you. The joyful, the powerful, the fearless you! His love empowers you to be more than you thought possible because you begin to believe you can walk on the water.

Now it’s time to get out of the boat and begin to walk. You were created for more than life inside your small boat. You were made to walk on any sea, have the peace to be able to sleep during threatening storms, and always have the authority to silence any storm.

This is who you are.

This is what love does. His love casts out every fear!

There is no reason to be afraid.


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