God Hears You

God Hears You

I hear you my child! I see you!
You are not alone! I am with you!
I am the glow in the forest, surrounding you with My love!

Sometimes life can be distracting with things that that seem so big that you lose focus of Me.
The truth is I haven’t moved or changed. I am still surrounding you, protecting you, and loving you. I am still listening, cherishing, and encouraging you each and every moment.

Remember “I am greater than the giants you face” (1John 4:4).

EVERY part of Me is greater!
My love is greater.
My protection is greater.
My provision is greater.
My compassion is greater.
YOU are greater in Me and with Me! Come rest in My glow.

Focus on My presence surrounding you. I am right here as you read these words!
Remember the moments you have seen Me move in your life. Remember that I see you holy, beautiful, and as My perfect masterpiece!

Let the distractions fade away today as you lock eyes with Me, your unconditionally loving Father.

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