Generation of Authority

There is a generation rising up that is going to be filled with grace, anointing, and authority. For years it’s been taught that we have no power, no authority, and that we were being prideful when we began to believe otherwise. But deep down inside we know something is off. But the day is coming when we know who we are, whose we are and what we are capable of.

Kids are beginning to see the way God has designed them. They are beginning to see that they do have spiritual authority and that it is good. They are learning for themselves that Satan cringes when they speak. Miracles happen when they have faith.

How much longer are we going to sit on the edge? The time is now for us to fully embrace our calling of authority. There is no better time than now to fight the battle. No one can do it for us either. As we step into our God-given spiritual authority, our lives will change. We will begin to see things as they really are, not what the enemy wants us to see. We will see and experience truth, prosperity, and breakthrough. So let’s choose to address the void that has been calling out and seek the truth that we are powerful and that the enemy no longer has a hold on us.


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