Filled with Glory

Filled with Glory

Its officially the Christmas season! The season of giving! But how many of us like to hold onto things.

Not just what we think is ours but the things we aren’t supposed to hold on to.

Shame, guilt, regret… These are all things we weren’t made to hold onto. All of this we were not meant to carry.

During a campfire we burn the wood. This leaves ashes and a lot of them end up going into the sky. It’s the same our failures, regrets and disappointments. We can put the logs of the failures onto the fire of God and slowly the logs no longer exist. They turn into ashes that are no longer recognizable.

Did those events happen, yes. But just because they happened doesn’t mean that we have to belabor the past. Its time to make a campfire. It’s time to let them burn. It’s time to take the weight off and light a fire. Let God come and take that fire wood.

It’s time to sit around the fire and watch as Papa God put each stick in the fire, big or small. Each time he says ‘I paid for that. Yep, this one too. Don’t worry about this one because what I have for you is so much greater than this’. And as each one goes into the fire; the heat of his love gets hotter. You can feel it more and more.

Don’t hold back any of the shame, or regret put it all in the fire.

With the heat of the fire tell Papa God your dreams, your secrets, and ask him what things he has for you. As you tell you him your dreams he takes them and makes them better than you ever thought possible!

This is the season of giving. So, it’s time to let all of the shame, regret and guilt go and receive the love and amazing things God has for you!


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