Everything in You

Everything in You


It’s all I feel.

Since my inception as a seed I have felt rough ground around me.

It’s not like the soft covering that I have heard so many say that birth should be.

But something inside of me tells me to go. To keep growing. But each inch I move there is only more and more pressure, more and more pain as I look for what I need.

I don’t even know if I’m going up or down but I guess I’ll find out. I don’t even know where I am, I don’t even know what I am looking for. Why don’t I just stop. …

But the pain to fill my need of this seed is greater than the pain of what pokes and crushes around me.

There has to be something more. I break the surface into the inviting light but just as I see the light it turns to harsh heat where I feel like I might just die.

This is not the world people have spoken to me of. I don’t think I’m made for this. I can’t survive.

Then a voice comes and says: “You weren’t made to survive. You were not made to just get by. You are made to thrive. You have what it takes to live here. You have what it takes to thrive here. You have everything you need. Everything you need was put inside your seed.”

I answer, ‘why is everything not the same as I have heard, why is my life so hard’

“you were not created like them, you are different! You are made to bring life to the dry place. You are made to bring hope to the hopeless who wander through this land. So grow, live, thrive. You weren’t made to endure this but overcome everything that comes against you. And you have done so up to this point. Well done. Keep going. I am here with you.”

‘who are you?’

“the one who planted you here”

Your life might be hard, but always remember that God has a plan. Each trial we go through are made for us not to give up but for us to grow stronger, taller, and more into who we are made to be.

Sometimes there are growing pains but without them we never grow.

But always remember that you have everything to not get by but rather thrive! Beauty comes from ashes.


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