Where do you keep your dreams? Are they written out, placed in front of you? Do you think about them throughout the day, weeks, even months after you had them? Or are they locked away, unremembered and forgotten due to the more ‘important’ things in our life.

Now a days dreams have become ideas, thoughts that stay inside our minds. Wishful aspirations that don’t come out of our box unless asked, and even still can’t be remembered.

Dreams used to lead our young minds to think big, to see the future and what can be. They brought us beyond our reality and into a new world, one without borders. Try and remember a dream you had that brought so much joy to you.

For me it was wanting to be a vet or doctor when I would grow up. And sometimes I would imagine myself and all my imaginary animal friends for years. It always made life fun and it had no limits of reality.

But when did our imagination stop? When did we stop dreaming? Is it when we hit the wall of reality and got shaken back to earth?

Our lives as children of God was never meant to live in mere reality, lived within the box of what is possible. Our imagination was given to us so our Creator could communicate, co-create and show us the things unseen at any point of our day. Just because we live in reality, it was never meant for us to be limited by it. We are made to take what we see in the unseen realm and be able to bring it down into the reality of this world.

You never lost your imagination. You didn’t get rid of your dreams, they are just hiding under the surface ready to be awakened.

One touch from Papa God brings to life all buried dreams, all imagination if you let him. Its never too late to let your imagination run wild. God can make your dreams come to life in a moment.

Our imagination was given to us to go explore, dream, think bigger than what we see, to build a world with you and God! Ask God today for him to touch you and bring those dreams back to life again.


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