Do you receive love?

Do you receive love?

Love is one of the most, if not the most important innate need that we have as humans. Love breaks off fear. Love makes us feel safe. Love allows us to be ourselves.

In life there are times when we feel loved, our heart is full, and our needs are met but there are also times when we can feel unloved, or that love is not present.

This can be due to two things: first, we perceive that there isn’t anyone around us who cares at that moment, or second, that we haven’t allowed ourselves to receive love.

The truth is that we always have love being lavishly poured out on us, however it is our choice is we are going to allow ourselves to receive it.

Think of it this way: a plant needs water to live, but if the ground around it is hard and doesn’t let water reach the roots, no matter how hard or long it rains the plant will die because it’s not getting what it needs.

The same is with you. You need love to live, but more importantly you need Papa God’s love.

As you have been going through your day, Father God has been smiling down on you. Even before you woke up this morning, Father God all night was singing love songs over you. And even before that, He saw you before you were born or conceived and said He loved you and He would always love you.

With all this love why is it not received? At times it’s because you aren’t attuned to his everlasting love but more than likely you don’t think you deserve or are worthy of love. Father God sent Jesus so you would never have to feel unworthy or that you couldn’t be in His full embrace.

I know what you’re thinking, easier said than done, but isn’t it worth each day knocking out the lies so you can receive this perfect love and live a fearless life! I think so, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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