Coming Together

Coming Together

There is always that point in life where things simply… FIT.

There is no explanation needed, the evidence is obvious.

This is how our life works. It started first when you came into the world. There was another piece to earth’s puzzle that just was brought in.

It might feel like you don’t fit, that you don’t belong. The enemy might even tell you lies like “you don’t belong anywhere”, “no one cares about you”. But just because you feel like you don’t fit in that place doesn’t mean that you weren’t made for this puzzle. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t made for the world. You were and are created for a purpose, a place in this puzzle.

You might be an edge piece. You might be the edge piece, the first piece that begins to connect both sides, or the last pieces that finishes the puzzle.  Whatever piece you are each has a purpose: You are the piece that is linking other that brings out the beautiful finish.

We all know the horrifying feeling getting to the end of a puzzle and you can’t find a piece. You search high and low, under things all around until you find it. Our puzzle, life’s puzzle, the world’s puzzle is incomplete without you. It will never be whole, never be finished without you in it, being exactly who you are made to be.

Let me say this again, without YOU, the pieces are incomplete.  Go and be exactly who God has designed you to be, be you!

Fit Perfectly

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