Childlike Trust

Childlike Trust

Imagine a child jumping into their father’s arm from the edge of the pool. Now imagine their face as their dad throws them up in the air and them knowing without a doubt that he will catch them. Such joy, such trust.

Why do they trust? They know their daddy won’t do anything to harm them. He has their best interest in mind. They know their daddy loves them.

How much more open were we to trust, to open our hearts, to live.

What a beautiful life we live when we again have this trust. But what happened… lies. ‘He doesn’t love you, you know better, he didn’t protect you.’

But are these true?


He was there. He is there. And he will always be there! He sees your beginning from the end. He saw your unformed body and knew everything about you. He was with you growing up and knows how he made you and loves everything about you. He always has your best interest in mind, the best, THE BEST!

Things happen yes, but does that mean that our God stops working? No never! He moves heaven and earth for you. He forgets your past, the mistakes. Each moment he sees you as brand new, just as he did in the beginning. You’re his beloved child, why would he not do everything for you.

Trust is a beautiful thing that grows in a close relationship. God hasn’t, won’t and will never abandon you, forget you, or ever stop loving you. We just need to learn to trust again.


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