We are all created for greatness. We have heard this before, so, let’s make it more personal.

YOU are created for greatness. Not only that, but the greatness has been packed into you from the beginning of time and it never leaves. It is never lost because you have done something you shouldn’t have. It isn’t reduced due to the mistakes made or what your past holds. It is always there and the things in your life that seem like setbacks and limitations are only launching points in your life.

Your past doesn’t disqualify you, it rather is a bigger invitation for the great grace of God to come and make a something out of the ashes of our lives if we let him.

Moses was a murderer but with God became the savior of Israel. David was an adulteress but because of God’s favor he became one of the great kings of Israel and was a man after God’s heart. Paul killed thousands of Christians but through one encounter with Father God, he became one of the biggest evangelists that wrote more than two-thirds of the New testament.

The bigger the problem, the more amazing the answer. The harder the situation, the more miraculous the solution. There is no hole that our God won’t go in to get you back where he has always seen you, right next to him in heaven.

The God we serve has all the power of the universe and even more than we could imagine. This is put inside of us as children of Him.

We are no longer pawns in a game of chess. We are not weak, we are the most powerful pieces on the board. We can go anywhere and knock over the lies of the enemy. Not only that but we have the power to break off the fears in our lives that hold us back. Don’t let the mistakes and lies keep you back any longer. You have the power to take them out of the game! So do it! Knock them over! You have the power to do it and your Father will be right beside you and you can say ‘Check mate’ to the fear! They have no power anymore!

You are royal – worthy of the Kingdom and crowned with authority. No enemy can stand against you – you are His!

                     Rising Royalty

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