Life isn’t perfect and neither are we. Throughout life we have our great amazing times and some hard, sometimes painful things that we don’t want to remember so we shove down the feelings. But little do we know each time we shove down emotions and hurts our hearts break into pieces, each time a little more.

No matter how broken your heart may be, there is always a way to becoming whole again. God has made us whole, but sometimes it takes us a little to feel that way. It’s a journey, but one always worth taking.

Papa God was always there and will continue to be there. In the great and enjoyable times and the hard times, God is always there. He is there encouraging us, speaking life, and keeping us safe.

The voice of the accuser tries to bring guilt, shame, fear and try to force feed us these lies through present situations and our past. But with our Father, our past is gone, it has been erased.

We have to remember that our past is erased, mistakes are forgotten, and our willful sins are completely forgiven. That means gone, no more, never existed! This is hard for us to grasp but it’s the truth. Jesus didn’t die so that all of our sins and mistakes could still be held on a ledger later to be read back to us again. That ledger had been shredded, and then disintegrated. GONE! Sometimes the hardest part is forgiving, not only others but ourselves.

When situations occur that cause us pain we were never meant to deal with them alone. We always have a heavenly father that listens and brings life and love into each place of our fragile hearts. Our heavenly father gave us his Holy Spirit to help comfort us, not only that but he gave us a family. Whether its blood or spiritual, they are there specifically to help us overcome. Because with each hurt or obstacle that comes our way is a time we get to love, to rise higher, to grow closer to those around us and more importantly our Papa God.

We are empowered to live a life of wholeness. A life where we live knowing that we have everything we need and nothing is holding us back. It’s time to forgive, to let go of the past and grab hold of the amazing future that is in store for you


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