Have you ever felt stuck? Like your life is on hold, nothing is working out, or you can’t get ahead. Each of us have gone through seasons like this through our lives, these desert seasons where we cry out ‘God, why is this happening’ or ‘why isn’t this working out’.

Although these seasons seem like the least fulfilling, and the most frustrating, be encouraged that these times actually are important and will catapult you into not only your next season but the trajectory of your life.

Remember the story of Job. There was a time of his life when everything was stripped away from him to the point he had absolutely nothing left to live for. But also remember…. this was not for the rest of his life but simply for a period of time. The same with you. Sometimes these seasons have been a week, month, year or maybe seem like decades, but the truth is THEY WILL END!

When it does come to an end, your dam of blessings will burst. Just as a dam holds back water that has been collected for years and even decades, once it is released gushing water will flow and it will not be able to be stopped.

In this period of waiting your blessings are gaining interest. What the enemy has tried to hold back from you in the hopes that one day you would give up, he has to return with interest. How amazing is that!

What is important to remember is that in these desert seasons, God is with you and He has never left you. Nothing in life is wasted when you know and believe the truth. I have noticed that specifically in these times He is building your confidence, your stamina, your identity and teaching you the necessity of leaning on Him. He does this because once that dam breaks with the blessings (interest included), you will be overwhelmed by His goodness and His blessings for you that you will barely be able to contain it.

So don’t give up. Your dam is about to break. In the meantime, don’t be discouraged, God is with you, lean into Him, He will give you every bit of strength that you need.

Breaking Dam

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