Better in Store

Better in Store

“I want to tell you how proud I am of you. You have endured a lot but I want you to know that I have better for you.”

I feel like this is what God is saying over you, over the nations, and over the entire world.

God’s plan for the world is not that this pandemic would shut us down and isolate us.

I know it can be hard to see, but God does have a better plan.

What thoughts are running through your head on a day to day basis? ‘How are we going to recover, will this every change, is this the new normal?’ These are all thoughts and lies that the enemy has put over the world like a suffocating blanket. The world curled right up into it and now is dying to get out.

To each question God has an answer. You will not only get through this but because of this you will flourish more than you ever thought.

Each question has an answer, the question is who are you asking…

Take a step back, and ask God for his perspective. Ask God, ‘What do you see? What is your plan?’

Look around you, God is inviting you into a time to lean on him. A time to see the beauty in the simplicity of life. You might have needed this wake-up call to realize that you can’t live your life running from one thing to the next. Maybe to remind you that you can’t get your worth from those outside but only from God who is always your constant. God always uses everything to show and demonstrate His love to us. His love never fails!

You have a choice of who you are going to listen to and what you are going to believe. Are you going to listen to the suffocating lies or are you going to believe that God LOVES THIS WORLD and He will never stop? That God loves you way too much for this to be the end or the start of a downward cycle. Our God is much more powerful that anything this world or the enemy could ever think of or create.

He put upon Himself our weaknesses and He carried away our diseases and made us well

~Isaiah 53:4~

We get the chance to bring hope and life to this world. To show God’s real love to each person we come in contact with.  This is NOT the end, just the start of something much better.

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